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Course and lab overview Course and lab intro
Please complete the following exercises on your own and make sure that your background is appropriate for this class.
Exercises on IP addressing
Exercises on IP static routing and aggregation
Lab docs The following documents are for your information and they will not be presented in class. Please read them carefully before starting the lab.
Introduction to Cisco Routers
Basic IP Routing Configuration on Cisco Routers
Cabling and structured cabling An introduction to structured cabling, from the book currently under writing (authors Gai, Montessoro, Nicoletti)
Introduction to cabling
LAN Basics Introduction to LAN
Devices for local area networks
Ethernet evolution
Advanced functions on Ethernet networks
NICs and cabling
Spanning tree Spanning Tree
Rapid Spanning Tree
Additional LAN standards QoS on LAN
Link Aggregation
IGMP Snooping
Advanced LAN configuration and design Virtual LANs
Virtual LANs: Advanced Topics
Switched LAN Design
Redundancy of the default gateway on LANs
Dissecting HSRP traffic (auto-learning)
Design of LANs at L3
A real use case: the network at Politecnico di Torino
Additional topics Storage Area Networks
Content Delivery Networks
Introduction to computing virtualization
Introduction to virtual networking
Seminars Marcello Maggiora, Infrastruttura IT del Politecnico
Piero Nicoletti, Data center cabling
Piero Nicoletti, Data center networking and cabling
Piero Nicoletti, Sistemi precablati e standard TIA 568-C-0
Questions and exercises Packet Sniffing and Traffic Analysis
Ethernet Standards
Data Link Traffic Forwarding
Spanning Tree
Virtual LANs
L2/L3 Network Design
Closed Answer Questions on Local Area Networks (without answers) (20/03/2018)
Closed Answer Questions on Local Area Networks (with answers) (20/03/2018)
Lab assignments Lab intro: Intro
Lab 1: Filtering Database
Lab 2: Spanning Tree Protocol
Lab 3: VLAN Configuration
Lab 4: Fundamentals of Virtual Networking
Course notes We would like to thank Serena Spinoso that make available the notes she took in class during the 2011-2012 academic year. While there are no guarantees that everything is correct, nor that the learning material in the current academic year will be exactly the same as in 2011-2012, we believe those notes may help students to better prepare the exam.